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July, 2017

Notary Direct
 is proud to announce our "Notary of the Month" for the month of July, 2017.

This program recognizes Notaries for their performance, dedication, and outstanding display of professionalism. Each month a Notary will be selected as the recipient of this award. This month, we are proud to recognize Rosita Chavarria-Hailey.

Rosita Chavarria-Hailey:

About Me- 
I am a retired social worker with 30 years of service. When I retired in 2008, I thought my days of working were over. My husband and I moved to lake Eufaula, OK and we enjoy seeing the lake in our backyard every day. I discovered that I missed working with the public and decided that doing part time notary work would bring me the personal interaction that I needed. 

What made you decide to become a Notary Public and how long have you been doing it for? 
I got my license in 2010 when we owned a real estate business; I found out through a friend that I could use my notary commission to do loan closings which worked out perfectly giving me a chance to work with people again.

If you had to guess, about how many signings have you done?
I average about 160 a year by doing 12-18 signings a month.

In your opinion, what is the most important trait that one must possess to be a successful notary?
Taking pride in doing a good job, having patience and taking responsibility when a mistake is made and correcting it. My experience as a social worker has helped me appreciate interacting with all kinds of folks. I truly enjoy speaking with people and quite often learn something new from my clients. I'm always eager to see who I am going to meet. 

What has been your favorite customer service moment/interaction while at the signing table?
I was given a signing for an elderly couple who had already closed with another notary but a mistake was made and the signing had to be redone. She then had to be hospitalized, where I met her for the closing. I'll always remember this couple and how kind and understanding they were in the situation that surrounded their closing.  

Do you have any advice or words of wisdom for new or aspiring Notaries?  
Your job is to make the closing run as smoothly as possible and verify identity. You will most likely be the only contact the customer will meet in person. The way you conduct yourself at the closing will determine how the customer will view the company that hired you. A good impression will guarantee that you will be given more business. 

Favorite Quote?
You will make mistakes. It's how you deal with them that determines how successful you will be.

Why Notary Direct?

Notary Direct was one of the first companies that hired me to do loan closings. I like their website, it's user friendly user and I am able to access the documents in a timely manner.




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