Mobile Notary Document Signing Services Defined

A notary is someone with the authority to act as a witness, sign official and legal documents, and perform other official duties. City and state government offices often have notaries available for a variety of services. A person or company who offers mobile notary document signing services eliminates the need for you to come to their office for your signing needs - they come to you.

A good mobile notary service sends the notary to the appointment prepared with everything they need to handle your documents properly and professionally. The notary will verify your identification and show you his or her credentials. Then you're ready to have your documents witnessed and signed.

The Important of a Mobile Notary Service

One of the most common reasons for mobile notary document signing services involves the signing of loan documents for mortgage purposes. Smooth closings depend on everything being handled properly. Don't leave this crucial moment to chance, choose a service with extensive experience handling loan documents. At Notary Direct, our signing agents are trained in what to say and what not to say. They make sure nothing goes wrong during what could be the most important transaction of the borrower's life.

Is Your Mobile Notary California Law Compliant?

Any mobile notary you choose needs to be aware of new changes that could affect the procedures followed by a mobile notary. California made changes in 2008 that can drastically affect signings, so be sure any notary you choose is fully up-to-date on these changes. This is important whether you're in California or any other state. A notary who makes mistakes can cost you time and money.

Choosing a California Mobile Notary

So you've found the right mobile notary - California law compliant, available when you need a notary, affordable. However, there are more things to consider before choosing the service.

Do they specialize in the type of service you need, or do they provide many different services? Any California mobile notary is surely aware of new 2008 changes to notary law. Keep in mind, though, that a mobile notary service providing many different types of services is more prone to make mistakes than a service specializing in exactly the type of signing you need. Notary Direct only handles loan documents, so we're experts at what we do.

Whether you're in New York or California, mobile notary services from Notary Direct can handle your loan documents and make your closing as smooth as possible.

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