Get Started

Thank you for choosing Notary Direct to serve as your outsourcing solution. Please expect the following when initially registering your account with Notary Direct:

There are two steps to be completed in order to register and submit orders with Notary Direct.

1. Company application:

This portion of the site, which will be the next page you will view and complete in its entirety, is the company registration form. This portion is intended for initial sign-on for the office manager, broker, president, etc. to have complete access to the company as a whole. This person will have access to adding/deleting loan officers, updating company information, as well as, complete access to his/her entire company pipeline.

Upon accepting the terms and agreement of Notary Direct, and prior to submitting your first order, the site will direct you to registering a unique "loan officer or agent" user id and password. As a company log in, multiple loan officers or agents may be registered as a part of your staff. Thus, making it impossible for the site to identify who is submitting an order.

2. Loan Officer/Agent registration:

Please choose a unique user id and password different than what was utilized when completing the company registration. The site will not allow you to utilize the same user id and password twice.

Upon creating the loan officer/agent user id and password, you will then be able to begin submitting orders and have the opportunity to review individual pipelines by logging in as a loan officer/ agent rather than a company.

Future reference: When you log on to, you may now enter your user id and password in the log in portion of the site located in the left marginal area of the home page to begin utilizing the many benefits this site has to offer. Some of these are as follows: real-time status, online submissions, opportunity to obtain notary information as well as review each of your file's comments/ note interaction between Notary Direct and its agents.

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