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As our motto indicates, “A Signing Service You Can Count On!” All of us at Notary Direct understand the importance of an accurate and timely signing service. With such a competitive industry and so much at risk, (interest locks, funding periods, etc.) the necessity of a qualified notary public is a must! Prior to notary enrollment, each applicant is screened and required to undergo an extensive background check to include, but not limited to: references, relevant experience (banking, lending, finance, mortgage, etc.), license numbers, bond information, E&O insurance, as well as many other administrative areas of concern. The majority of our notaries are endorsed by major notary associations such as: The National Notary Association © and National Association of Signing Agents ©. It is only through this process that a notary public can become Notary Direct certified.

As the standards of the industry consistently increase, the requirements of our notaries public significantly enhance as well. In addition to the certification process, Notary Direct requires a completed Notary Direct Invoice upon file completion. This form provides the most common documents to be notarized along with additional space for any additional items that may have been included, and serves as a checks and balances for our notaries public. Each notary public is required to endorse their signature attesting to the authenticity of its contents. Per your special request, this form can be customized to meet your specific requirement needs and provided upon each file closing.

At Notary Direct, our service is what sets us part from our competition. With a well-trained and dedicated staff, we have been able to not only fulfill, but also exceed the expectations of our clients. We understand the sense of urgency our clients have, the “time is of the essence” mentality! Our position as an outsourcing alternative is to assure a convenient signing solution to what some may consider the single most important transaction of their life!
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