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In May 1999, after seeing a disconnect between lender needs and the services offered by signing agencies at that time, two mortgage professionals in Huntington Beach, CA came together and decided to make a difference in the lending industry. By January 2000, Notary Direct Nationwide was born with the ideology that signing agencies should mold their services to the needs of the client. Today, we have become a reliable, transparent company that has grown with its partners throughout the years. Now with offices from coast to coast, we are the only company certified as to ALTA's Best Practices, and continue to set the standards for the industry.

Notary Direct is a nationwide mobile notary service accommodating your document signing needs. Through a network of an abundance of notaries public nationwide, we are able to coordinate and conveniently simplify the notarization process. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will dispatch a qualified notary directly to your client. We have dedicated ourselves to your satisfaction and are available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

It is through Notary Direct's technological advancements and its own software developments that enable us to provide immediate assistance and a guaranteed 30-minute turnaround time on all orders placed, well above and beyond that of our competitors. We provide daily status of your files via fax, email, or if you like: the traditional phone call. That's right, there is a voice on the other side of the computer.

Notary Direct's innovative website provides up-to-the minute status as well as several additional features beneficial to you and your clients. As a member, you can review your company's entire pipeline from scheduled appointments and open invoices to reviewing the communication process between Notary Direct and its notaries throughout the entire signing process. At Notary Direct, we want to make sure you are "kept in the loop" at all times. Our notaries have immediate access to their assigned files and are required, upon any change, to immediately notify Notary Direct should a problem or question arise. Our goal is to minimize any communication delay between you (the client) and Notary Direct.

Our internal organization is comprised of an experienced staff whose sole responsibility is to ensure your complete satisfaction. With the ability to customize it's notary services to fulfill the requirements of our client, you can rest assured that the same standards and procedures maintained and adhered to at your office will become uniform with ours as well.

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