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Many notary signing companies provide training and certification for their agents. To establish a standard in the loan document signing business, notaries must successfully complete a program to ensure they're qualified to complete the signing process. This certification makes sure the notary fully understands all of the loan documents they will be signing. Since a notary may be called upon to explain the documents, it's imperative the notary understands what they should and should not say.

Notary Direct will provide you with a qualified and certified notary signing agent. Our agents are certified through us and the National Association of Signing Agents because we want to provide you with only the very best notary signing agent services. Our notary signing agent jobs only go to qualified notaries that meet our level of excellence in accuracy and professionalism.

Notary Signing Agent Jobs

We're always in search of a certified notary signing agent who can complete a loan document signing in a professional and accurate manner. Mortgage and title companies, as well as brokerages, use our signing services. We pride ourselves on offering notary signing agent jobs to only the very best notaries.

Unlike some other notary signing companies, we pay notaries bi-monthly and have a 24-hour-a-day confirmation system to make the notary's job easier. It allows them to call anytime with news of signings and appointment times. If you'd like to join our team, please fill out the Notary Direct agreement online.

Notary Signing Agent Services

Our agents consider their job as a notary public to be a great responsibility. The services they offer you are second to none in the industry. When we contact one of our agents with your information, they will then contact the borrower right away to confirm an appointment time. Our agents are prepared every step of the way to ensure that the loan document signing proceeds without a hitch, start to finish, even if questions arise at the signing table.

Notary Signing Companies

What sets us apart from other companies? You have access to us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our notary signing agent services are available nationwide, and our agents are experts on federal and state regulations. We ONLY handle loan documents, so we're experts in the field. XML integration allows you to login and check the status of your documents anytime. We have eight years of experience signing loan documents. The signing agent that will represent you is part of a team 18,000 strong.

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